Environmental-related Project study

Customers in both government and private companies, often have specific needs and targets to obtain data and information used for their operation and advocacy. UAE is able to help both technical and operational project activities requested by customers. Customers planned activities relevant to environment are versatile and varying dependent on each year/period. UAE serves customer specific and sporadic requirements to help study, organize and advocacy specific events (eg. training, workshop, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event). More than 40 UAE professionals are able to be mobilized to help specific project study in a yearly basis. Project studies which UAE have already experienced namely:

  • Biodiversity and ecology-related study
  • Waste Management/3R/Circular Economy study
  • Corporate Social Responsibility for Industry (CSR-DIW) study
  • Eco-Industrial town study
  • Green Industry (GI)
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Eco Efficiency